Creating Tags

Creating Tags for Coverage:

You can quickly and easily set up a Tags that you plan to use in the near future. Or, you can create Tags right inline with your news curation efforts. 

To create a new Tag that you plan to use in the future:

  1. Click on the Coverage tab located on the toolbar and select the Tags option.
  2. Choose the New Tag button on the upper right hand corner
  3. When the Create a New Tag window appears, type in the name you want to give the new Tag.

You have two options for adding a new Tag:

4. Click on the Tag Articles option. This will enable you to manually add additional coverage and Tag if the coverage has not come in already through automatic monitoring

5. If you do not need to manually add coverage, click Tag Articles to close this option and Save the Tag. At this point, the Tag has been created and is private, meaning other users cannot see it. Click here to learn how to Share a Tag so that other users can see it and use it.

Creating Tags while Curating News

You can also create Tags while curating news from within an analytics dashboard, while accessing a list view of coverage, or while manually adding news.

To learn how to create Tags while curating news: