Creating New Earned Impact Personas

How to Create Earned Impact Personas

Creating Earned Impact Personas will enable you to understand which audiences your earned media coverage is resonating. From the analytics provided for personas, you can discover new audiences, benchmark message resonance, segment earned audiences by dozens of demographic and firmographic traits, and personalize content for target audience personas! If you have web conversions as part of your subscription and they are enabled, you will also be able to see how many conversions can be attributed to each persona and the total audience.

Creating New Earned Impact Personas

 To Create Earned Impact Personas:

  1. Click the Analytics tab.
  2. Select Impact for Earned Media from the drop down menu.
  3. Click the Person icon on any Earned Media Search. When you create a persona for any search, it will be visible in every other search's Attribution chart. This means that you can also edit or update a Persona for any search.

When the Manage Persona screen appears:

  1. Click the Create New Persona button to begin creating a new Persona.
  2. On an existing Persona, you can Edit by using the pencil icon or Delete using the trashcan. 

The Persona options will appear when Creating or Editing a Persona:

  1. Use the tabs at the top to select the type of traits you want to add to the persona. You may add traits from each of these tabs: Individual, Household, and Firmographic.
  2. Click on the arrows to the right of the Trait to expand it and see the Characteristics you can specify, or collapse after selecting Characteristics.
  3. Select Characteristics from the options that best represent the persona you are creating. Once selected, they will be highlighted in a green pill. You may select multiple characteristics for each trait that apply to this Persona and remove Characteristics that were selected, but do not apply to this Persona. Repeat this process until all characteristics have been selected.
  4. The right hand panel will provide an overview of the characteristics you have selected and will show the current attribution of the persona in views and web conversions (if part of the subscription and enabled). For assistance with Web Events, reach out to our Impact Support Team at
  5. If you see no results for Topline Metrics after you have created a persona, click on the Refresh button.
  6. If you still have no results, you may need to change the date range as the views and web conversions may go back further than the last seven days. When specifying a date range, you can go back as far as 90 days.
  7. Click the Save Persona button to preserve your choices.

  • After clicking on Save Persona, a pop-up window allows you to select a Persona Avatar and create a Persona Name. When editing, you can change the picture and/or name for the selected persona. Click Save once complete.
  • Repeat this process to create up to 5 personas. Note: Once created, personas are present in every Earned Media Search's Attribution chart.