Creating and Submitting a PR Newswire Releases

You can quickly and easily get the word out about your launch, event, new staff addition, earnings, anniversary or other news-worthy event by submitting a release to PR Newswire and their related distribution networks using your next generation Cision Communications Cloud account.

To submit a PR Newswire release, you must be authenticated as the PR Newswire Authorized Sender for your organization within your next generation Cision Communications Cloud. The Authorized Sender requirements ensure that only those who should submit news on your organization’s behalf have the ability to do so. If you have been authenticated as a PR Newswire Authorized user, the Distribute option available on your Campaigns tab will automatically sign you into the PR Newswire Online Member Center. Follow the directions below to use this option to access the PR Newswire online member center.

  • Select the Campaigns tab from the navigation toolbar.
  • Click the Distribute option to begin the process of submitting a PR Newswire release.

The PR Newswire Online Member Center will open in a separate tab with the following options:

  •  Send- Create a new wire release to submit for distribution or save for later
  •  Drafts- Access any releases you have saved without submitting
  • Approvals- Approve releases for which you have requested online approval
  • View Reports- See visibility reports for submitted wire releases.

A News Release Order form will appear that will step you through the process of creating your release.

1. Within the first step of creating your release, you will designate the Source of the News, upload the files to be included in the release, and designate whether or not the release will need to be filed with the SEC:

  • Designate the Source of the News (the organization responsible for the news). You will be presented with a list of Sources including your organization and any others for which you have submitted releases. If your Source is listed, click the check box next to the appropriate Source. If you need to add a new Source you may. Any Sources added will be validated during Editorial Review and processing (required).
  •  Click the Select File button to upload the files that you want to include in your release  (required)This feature enables you to write the release in a word processing package where you can take advantage of spell check and other grammar checking tools prior to uploading the completed file. You can upload as many as 20 different files (up to 10 MB total). Files that have been uploaded will appear in the Release Files section of the Order Summary.
  • If  the release should be filed with the SEC, click the check box before moving on to the next step.


2. Upload multimedia for your release  (required). You can upload a new images, attach your archived image, or select an image from your Media Studio. 

OMC 2-Add multimedia section

Also within the Add Multimedia section, you can search for and add professional images from Shutterstock to draw attention to your release.

OMC 2 - Recommended images

If you click on the Add Content button, you will have the ability to add multimedia files by browsing your computer or by pasting the file's URL.

OMC 2- Add Content Choices

Any file selections you make will show up in the gray Order Summary pane on the right hand side of the page. If you need to remove a selection, simply click the (-) and that selection will be removed.

Order Summary Pane Multimedia

3. To add distribution for your release (required)select your distribution method. From you drop down menu you can select Set Up a New Distribution, Send using Standard Distribution, Send using Last Distribution, or Other.

PR Newswire Step 3

If you select to 'Set Up a New Distribution', you will need to select one distribution Newsline (additional targeted distribution options are available in next step). There are a variety of US, International and Web Only Newslines available.  Click on each tab to explore the Newsline options and select the one that will best fit your release by checking it.

NOTE: Each Newsline is associated with a different price. PR Newswire will confirm the price of the release with you prior to sending it out. You will have the opportunity to make adjustments to your Newsline during the confirmation process if needed.  A link to the list of  prices for each Newsline is available at the bottom of this section.

PR Newswire Distro Netowrk Options4. You can supplement your wire distribution by targeting individual journalists (optional) by industry or demographics. Browse the Industry Media Microlists or Demographic audiences using the tabs. Check any lists or audiences to whom you would like to send your release.

PRN Select Targeting

If your release contains financial information, you may want to consider targeting analysts and portfolio managers (optional) using the Capital Market Visibility Microlists. Check the box to include these lists.

Capital market PRN

You can provide PR Newswire with an email or fax number list for contacts. If you choose this service, PRN will distribute the release to your contacts via email or fax (optional). NOTE: This optional step is associated with an extra cost of 0.45 cents per contact in the list. 

PRN Email Fax

5. Target your audiences by leverage of a variety of options. The first two options presented in this section will enable you to target both journalists and your end customer. This is a highly customized way to target your audience by ensuring guaranteed views of your press release on the PR Newswire website from audiences relevant to the industry and subject matter of your release.  The technology driving this feature displays ads targeting audiences on web sites related by subject and industry to the release. When a consumer clicks on the ad, they are routed to your release. Learn more about . Learn more about Activating your target audience using this feature.

You will have the option to select from two packages to activate your audience. The Basic Placed Media Activation option guarantees 500 views from audiences related to your release by subject or industry.  The Premium Placed Media Activation further guarantees 500 views from the Quantcast 500, the top 500 media websites on the Internet. The Premium package also includes enhanced Visibility Reports enabling you to measure campaign success and track which websites drove traffic back to your press release.

NOTE: Ensuring guaranteed views is an (optional) feature. This feature can only be selected as an add on feature with distribution of a release to a newsline (step 4). You also must purchase an image to used in the release when activating this option.


The additional options in this step will enable you to expand your social reach and streamline your messaging by crafting a tweet that will appear on your Twitter timeline the moment that your release is shared with world (optional)

PRN Share Twitter

You can further extend your reach by posting your release to PR Newswire's Twitter account and/or to Hispanic market influencers via Twitter.

PRN TwitterHispanic Twitter

6. When you set the timing of your release, you can select As Soon as Possible or you can schedule the release for a specific date and time. Every release is subject to Editorial review and must be approved before it goes out over the wire. As a result, selecting As Soon as Possible will require approximately 20-30 minutes for Editorial review. During financial earnings period, this approximate time may be extended. Additionally releases containing long videos or table may take additional time.

If your release will be scheduled and is not a financial statement, avoid rush hour times, which are 8 AM - 10 AM EST and 4PM EST. Also, consider scheduling your release for "off-hours" which means selecting a time such as 11:07 AM instead of 11:00 AM.

PRN Submit Date and Time

7. Provide contact information for the Authorized Sender. PR Newswire will call the contact within  about 10 minutes of the release being submittedContact Info

By checking the box, you can request to have a preview of the release sent to your Approvals page within the Cision Communications Cloud. If left unchecked, the default method of approval is over the phone when you receive a call from the PR Newswire editorial staff.

PRN Online Approval

Any additional information about your release, such as special instructions for the Customer Content Services team, can be added to the Special Instructions box. If you prefer a confirmation of price prior to distribution, please specify this in the Special Instructions field.

Special instructions

Once you are ready to submit the release, Select and Continue at the bottom of the page. You are then given the option to review your order details before submitting your content. If you are not ready to submit your release to PR Newswire, click Save for Later. Releases that are Saved for Later can be found in the Drafts tab of the Cision Communications Cloud.

PRN Save for Later