Creating an Automated Email News Alert (Digests)

Automated alerts, called Digests, can be set up in the Next Generation Cision Communications Cloud to efficiently let you know via email about coverage brought in by your monitoring searches. You have the option to set frequency with which you receive alerts: real-time, daily, or weekly. When creating alerts, you will have the option to establish basic criteria for the coverage contained in them.  If you are looking to create a one time email of carefully curated coverage, click here to learn about the newsletter option.

To create an Automated Email Alert/Digest:

1. Click the Alerts option on the toolbar

2. Select the Digests option

3. Choose Digests as the type of Alert you want to create.

4. Click the Create a Digest button

5. Select the frequency with which you want to review the email alert:
  • Real Time Alerts- An email will be sent when new coverage is brought into the system by specified monitoring searches.
  • Daily Digest- Once daily, an email will be sent at a specific time showing all the coverage brought into the system by specified monitoring searches since the previous day's alert.
  • Weekly Snapshot-Once weekly, an email will be sent containing the most impactful articles brought in by specified monitoring searches. 
  • Newsletter-  If you are looking to create a one time email of carefully curated coverage, you will want to select the Newsletter option. Click here to learn about the newsletter option.

As you create the new Digest, you will have the ability to set a variety of criteria associated with it:

  1. Enter the email address(es) for those who should receive the alert.
  • For US Clients: There is no limit to the number of email recipients, regardless of which country the content originated.
  • For Canadian Clients: If your alert contains Canadian Print or Canadian Broadcast content, the number of recipients for that alert is limited to the number of Readers Licenses you have added to your Subscription. This total number of recipients based on these Readers licenses will also apply to the number of people your alert recipients forward the alert to after receipt. 
    • NOTE: This limitation of recipients does not apply to email alerts with only online content.
    • Please reach out to your Account Manager or to learn how many Readers licenses have been purchased for your subscription.

2. If you prefer to group Broadcast Syndications or only receive Top Tier Mentions in your alert, you can toggle these options on. They are off by default.

3. Select the news monitoring Search or Searches for which you want to see coverage in the alert.

4. Designate the exact time you want the alert to arrive.

5. Select the maximum number of articles you would like included in the alert for each search. (NOTE: The maximum total amount of articles included per alert is 100).

6. Upload a logo to add branding to your alert. (NOTE: You must first select your search(es), before you can add a logo).

7. Provide a name for your Alert, that will help you find the alert later on in the Digests area to make updates.

8. Click on the Save button.

NOTE: You will see a preview of your alert in the middle of the screen as you are building the digest, and will see articles if there is coverage pulled into the platform from your selected searches, for the date you are building the alert. 

For example, if you are building an alert on June 21, 2022, you will see a preview of the coverage pulled into the platform from your searches on June 21, 2022. You may still build digests if there are not articles in the platform from your selected searches for that date, however, you will not see articles in the preview.