Creating a New Campaign

Creating a New Campaign

Campaigns allow you to view related searches, media mentions, metrics, reports created, newsletters sent and related media lists in Connect in one place, allowing you to view the overall performance of your outreach efforts.

To Create a New Campaign:

1. Click on the Campaigns tab and select My Campaigns.

2. Click on the New Campaign button in the upper-right of the platform.

In the New Campaign Sidebar on the Right-Hand Side:

1. Enter the Title for your campaign.

2. Select the Type of Campaign from the drop down menu. (Optional Step)

3. Add additional information to the Campaign Description section. (Optional Step)

4. Click on the Create Campaign button.

Your Campaign has been created! See the steps below to learn how to customize your Campaign.

Adding Searches to Your Campaign:

Every Campaign should have a Primary Campaign Search to keep track of total mentions, social shares, backlink visits, SEO Impact and website visitors. With a linked search, you will also be able to directly view any monitored coverage in the Overview tab and add, remove and flag earned media results.

  1. Click on the Add Searches button in the Overview tab.
  2. Use the Search function in the sidebar on the right-hand side to find the search(es) you would like to include, then click on the plus sign button to select the search(es) for your Campaign.
  3. Click Save to add the search(es) to your Campaign.

After your Search(es) have been added, you will have access to the following in the Overview tab:

  1. Ability to Update your Search(es) at any time
  2. Current metrics in the Performance Snapshot for the period of time selected
  3. Access to all media coverage related to your selected search(es) for the time period selected
  4. Option to Share the Campaign with your team, which allows them to modify the Campaign and full access to all dashboards and searches associated with the Campaign you created.
  5. Ability to Edit or Delete the Campaign
  6. Compose an Email Announcement to send to Media Contacts and Outlets that is directly related to the Campaign

See additional aspects below to add to your new campaign:

  1. Searches tab: Lists the searches associated with this campaign and the ability to add additional searches.
  2. Lists tab: Add and review contact and outlet lists related to the campaign to keep them organized.
  3. Dashboards tab: Include dashboards in your campaign to track high-level metrics and coverage for your campaign.
  4. Reports tab: Add all reports related to the campaign to keep them organized in one place.
  5. Newsletters tab: Select Newsletters that you've sent out to influencers related to the campaign
  6. Alerts tab: Add Alerts and Digests associated with your campaign.
  7. Story Kits tab: Include Story Kits you've put together for this campaign.