Creating a Connect Briefing Book for All Contacts in a Saved List

The Connect Briefing Book is a visually pleasing, printer-friendly digest of selected media contacts, their relevant contact information, and pitching preferences. You can easily customize the exported .docx file using a word processing program such as Microsoft Word so that any company-specific insights can be added to the document, further enriching the value for the end-user's upcoming engagement! If you do not have Connect, but want to send a traditional Briefing Book Report, click here.

You have two options for creating a Connect Briefing Book: 1. Selecting specific contacts from saved lists or 2. Sending a Connect Briefing Book to include all Contacts in a Saved list of 50 influencers or less. This document will follow steps for the second option. 

For this second option, you will have to select a list with 50 or fewer contacts included. This option is perfect for a targeted contact list built specifically for the purpose of creating a Connect Briefing Book! For example, when there is an upcoming media event or interview, create a Contact List with the known contacts you want to include in the briefing book, and name the list after the event itself. If you need to update the briefing book, you can refer back to the list you created for the event, add or remove contacts (up to 50 contacts total) and export the briefing book again.

To Create a Connect Briefing Book for All Contacts in a Saved Contacts List:

  1. Click on the Contacts tab.
  2. Select Lists from the dropdown menu.

When the Saved Contact Lists page opens:

  1. Click on the row for a Saved List with 50 or fewer contacts that was built specifically for creating a Connect Briefing Book. 

When the Selected Contact List Opens:

  1. Select All Contacts in the Saved List by clicking on the checkbox in the upper-left of the screen.
  2. Click on the Actions button.
  3. Select the Create a Briefing Book option.

To Customize Your Connect Briefing Book:

1. The Connect Briefing Book form will open on the right hand side of the screen.

2. Enter the information in all required fields that are marked by a red asterisk.

3. You may add a subtitle and a footer by checking the box in the form. NOTE: The Footer is a great place to add a disclaimer or privacy policy.

4. At the bottom of the form, you will see that the report will be sent to the listed email address. NOTE: The default Cision email address for the account used will be included and cannot be changed.

5. After you've completed all required fields, select the Next: Terms and Conditions button to move to the next step.

6. Read the Cision Data Download Terms and Agreement and check the box that you agree. NOTE: You cannot download the file until you have agreed to these terms.

7. Click on the Send Briefing Book button.

To Access the Connect Briefing Book You Created:

  1. After all steps are complete, you should receive an email to the address we have on file from within 5 minutes (You will not download a file from the platform like other Connect exports). The email will include the Connect Briefing Book as a .docx attachment. At this time, you can begin entering additional information, such as Recent Activities, using a program such as Microsoft Word. 

After Downloading the Connect Briefing Book .docx:

  1. You are able to click on a journalist's name in the Table of Contents to go directly to the relevant page in the document for that journalist.
  2. If you would like to send this to clients or colleagues, you may save in PDF format before attaching to an email, so the Connect Briefing Book you created cannot be accidentally altered.

NOTE: Cision does not store Connect Briefing Books that have been created in the platform, so we suggest creating a list specifically for the Briefing Books you are creating. 

For example: If you are building a Connect Briefing Book for a specific media event, create a list of 50 or fewer contacts specifically for the event.