Creating a Briefing Book Report

Creating a Briefing Book Report

A Briefing Book is a PDF profile report that includes Contact information as well as information about the Outlet associated with the Media Contacts.  Briefing Books can be generated while viewing a list of Media Contact results or a saved Contact list. Briefing Books are not available for Media Outlet Lists or Outlet List results.

To access the My List page and create a Briefing Book Report,

  1. Select the Search Media Contacts option from the Influencer tab in the Next Generation Cision Communications Cloud. The Cision Media Database will open.
  2. Click the My Lists page on the Influencers tab in the Cision Media Database.

When the My List page opens,

  1. Click on My Lists from the Influencers tab on the main system navigation toolbar.
  2. Click on Contact to see saved Contact Lists.
  3. Click on the Contact List for which you would like to run the report.
  4. Place a checkmark in the box above the list to include all members of a list in the report.
  5. Otherwise, place check marks by only the members of the list that you would like to include in the export.
  6. Click the Download button and select the Briefing Book option.

The Briefing Book with automatically download as a .PDF file.