Create Scheduled Reports within Cision Social Listening

Actions can be taken with Saved Searches in the form of Reports. You may set up email alerts for your reports or download a pdf of your dashboard.

You can create as many email alerts and add as many recipients as you would like to an email alert. There are no limitations. However, when exporting data, only 5,000 total mentions can be exported per day. Files can currently be exported as a CSV or JSON file.

Creating Report Alerts:

1. Click on the Social Listening Tab.

2. Select Saved Searches to see all of the searches made by your organization.

3. Select the Saved Search for which you would like to receive report alerts.

4. Click on the Build Report button and select the Schedule Report option.
5. Enter in a name for your report.

6. Select the frequency and start date for your report.
NOTE: The report will be sent at 8:00am UTC on the day(s) you select for frequency.

7. Enter in the email address(es) you would like the report sent to.

8. Click the link to see an example of a Cision Social Listening report.

9. Click on the Schedule button.
10. Click on the Reports icon to see a list of your scheduled reports.