Create a New Search in a New Dashboard

Cision has simplified the dashboard and search creation process. Now, we have integrated the search and dashboard creation process so you can build a dashboard, and all required searches, in the same workflow. If you want to make changes to an existing dashboard, you can also create a new search within an existing widget!

1. Click on the Analytics tab.

2. Select New Dashboards from the dropdown.

3. Click on the +New Dashboard button in the top right corner.

4. Select the template you would like to use. 

NOTE: You cannot select a blank template if you are creating a new search.

5. Give the dashboard a name.

6. Click on Create a New Search, then select Simple Earned Search or Advanced Earned Search.

NOTE: If you are looking for all of the coverage for a particular brand, competitor, or event the Simple search option can be used. If you need to create a Search that finds targeted coverage such as only articles from specific publications, articles that mention multiple terms, or articles originating from a specific location, you will want to leverage the Advanced Search option.

See below for steps how to build a Simple Earned Search or an Advanced Search

Building a Simple Earned Search in a New Dashboard:

1. Enter a Name for your Search.

2. Fill in key terms and phrases in the Must/Might/Not Builder.

The Must/Might/Not Builder consists of 3 sections:   

A. MUST – AND String terms/phrases. Type in all words/phrases that must all appear at least once in each article/clip. 

  • The MUST Box is a required field that must have at least one 4 letter word to be valid & saved. 

B. AND* ANY (MIGHT) – OR String terms/phrases. Enter words/phrases, in which one must appear at least once in each article/clip

  • Note: The MUST & MIGHT Boxes are joined together by an AND string (see AND ANY of these terms” text within the Might Box).

C. NOT – NOT String terms/phrases. Enter words/phrases that you do not want to appear in any of the articles/clips.

Simply enter the words and phrases of your search, and press Enter. Your search term/phrase will then be turned into a colored pill. Inclusive pills (included in the search) will be green and Exclusive pills (excluded from the search) will be red.

3. Click on the Preview button to see results of the search.

4. Click on Create Search to save the search and automatically select it as the search for your new dashboard.

Best Practices for Simple Earned Search

The Must/Might/Not Builder will:

  • Automatically put quotes around words/phrases once user hits “Enter”, turning them into a pill within the Builder 
  • Automatically insert the AND/OR/NOT operators within each pill, depending on which part of the Builder the terms/phrases are added to.  
  • The Must Box will create an AND String 
  • The Might Box will create an OR String 
  • The NOT Box will create an OR String 
  • The Must & Might Boxes are joined together by an AND String 
  • Create a phrase out of a set of words included in one pill separated by user hitting ‘Enter’ on their keyboard. 

For example:  

  • LA Lakers ENTER Lebron James ENTER would create two pills: LA Lakers AND Lebron James 
  • LA Lakers Lebron James ENTER would create one pill: LA Lakers Lebron James 

The Must/Might/Not Builder will NOT:

  • Automatically include or pull in the possessive & plural forms of terms 
  • Automatically include or pull in variants of a term. Example: “phone” & “iphone” would both need to be included in the search to pull in both types of mentions. 
  • Automatically save 
  • Automatically include the Master Exclusive filter in the NOT String 

Building an Advanced Search using Boolean Syntax in a New Dashboard:

We recommend using the Advanced Search for users who are familiar and comfortable with Advanced Boolean Syntax.

Other Boolean Syntax guides can be found here:

  1. Type in the name for your search.
  2. Enter the boolean syntax for your search.
  3. Click on the Preview button to see results of the search.
  4. Click on Create Search to save the search and automatically select it as the search for your new dashboard.

You can also select or create a new search on any widget by clicking on the Ellipses button, then selecting the search option you would like to use. 

To Update the search for a widget:

Click on the Ellipses for the widget you would like to edit the search for and select Edit Existing Search.

For a Simple Earned Search:

  1. Edit the search criteria within the Must/Might/Not Builder.
  2. Click on the Update Results button to review coverage pulled into the platform with the edited search.
  3. Click on the Save Changes button to save the updated search.

For an Advanced Search:

If the search opens as a Simple Earned Search, click on the < > Convert to Advanced Search link, then click on the Yes, Convert Search button. 

NOTE: Once converted to an Advanced Search, you will not be able to edit your search later using the Must/Might/Not Builder.

  1. Review the Boolean Syntax saved for the search.
  2. Mentions related to the search are at the bottom.
  3. To make changes, enter the correct Boolean Syntax, then click on the Update Results button to check if your changes are returning the coverage you expect to see..
  4. Click on the Save Search button to save the changes to your search..