Create a New Dashboard using an Existing Search

1. Click on the Analytics tab.

2. Select New Dashboards from the dropdown.

3. Click on the +New Dashboard button in the top right corner.

4. Select the template you would like to use, or select Blank if you would not like to use a template.

5. Give the dashboard a name.

6. Click on the Select an Existing Search button. NOTE: This must be used if you selected the blank template.

7. Click on the radio button for the existing search you would like to include.

8. Click the Select Searches button.

9. Adjust the date range.

10. Click the Next Step button.

11. Click on the Add Search(es) button.

12. Select additional searches to compare to the first search you created or selected.

13. Click the Select Searches button.

14. Click on the Create Dashboard button.