Converting an Outlet List to a Contact List

You can take any Outlet List in your system and convert it to a Media Contact List.  This way, you are only targeting Media Contacts that work at those specific outlets.  To do this, it is important that you have an outlet list already saved in your Cision Communications Cloud platform.  Click here to learn more about building an outlet list.

  1. Click on Search Media Contacts option from the Influencers tab in the Next Gen Cision Communications Cloud. This will open the Cision Media Database.
  2. Select the Search page from the Influencer tab in the Cision Media Database.

3. Be sure that the Search Media Contacts option is highlighted above

04. From the drop down select Outlet List

05. Once you select Outlet List choose which list you would like to convert by placing a checkbox next to the list name.

06. If you would like to add any other criteria to the search you can use the blue plus sign icon to the right of the Outlet List selection.  This allows you to add another layer to your search.

07. Click Search

08. Your results will include all of the Media Contacts that work at those outlets that were on your list.

You can use the filters on the left to filter down your results or begin selecting them to save to a list.