Cision Social Listening Powered by Brandwatch

Cision Social Listening provides best-in-class, easy-to-use, and easy-to-access analysis of the world’s largest archive of consumer voices. Social listening allows brands to use measurable insights to maintain brand reputation and inform business decisions. With most consumers now engaging with social media to influence purchasing decisions, it is pertinent for PR/comms professionals to tap into this wealth of information!

Search with Cision Social Listening

Cision Social Listening provides two kinds of searches: quick searches and saved searches. If you want to monitor a topic on an ongoing basis, think of quick searches as previews. Start with a quick search to see instant results, and determine whether the results are relevant to you, and then refine as necessary. When you have finished refining your search query, save it so it’s always updated with the latest results!

Analyzing with Cision Social Listening

All Dashboard components on the Analyze page are clickable and interactive. Clicking on sections of the widgets will filter the results and show a list of corresponding mentions in the mentions list on the panel in the far right. Hovering over specific component areas will show you the volume of mentions of that datapoint or grouping. Filter and configuration data is not always present for every mention. Thus, volume for the filtered dataset may not add up to the total mentions volume. For example, not all mentions include gender data. Therefore, the sum of male and female mentions will not be the same as the total mentions volume.