Categorizing Monitoring Searches

Organizing Searches

Search Categories both help organize your searches and serve as the foundation for single-click, on-demand dashboards.  

To Assign a Relevant Category to your Search:

  1.  Select the Coverage tab.
  2. Click the Saved Searches option.
  3. Click on the arrow in the Category column for the search you want to organize
  4. Choose the option that indicates the purpose of the search from the drop down list. For example, if the search contains all of the ways your company is mentioned, the search is going to bring in Company coverage. See a list of category descriptions below.
  5. Once a Category has been applied, the updated choice will show in the Category column.
  6. You will be able to filter searches by the Categories you've assigned.

When you browse coverage using the Earned Media option or create Analytics Dashboard charts, you will see your searches organized by Category which will make them easier to find. Below, you will find a list of Category descriptions. 

List of Search Categories

  • Company: “My company”: Your overall company search.
  • Industry Topic: A topic of interest like “big data” or “online shopping”.
  • Industry Event: A conference, expo, fashion show, awards show etc. 
  • Competitor: A company that you compete with.
  • Product: A product, like “iPhone 7”, “Fire HD 8”, or “Xanax”.
  • Product Family: A collection of products, like “iPhone” or “Amazon Fire”.
  • Product Category: A classification of a set of products, like “smartphones”, “nail care”, or “women’s running sneakers”. 
  • Campaign: A purpose-driven set of PR activities to promote a person, product, brand, etc. Think Nike’s “Unlimited You”, Dove’s “Real Beauty”, or AirBNB’s “#LIVETHERE.
  • Crisis: A PR emergency, like a product recall or a shooting on campus.
  • Executive: An employee of a company, generally in upper-management, like CEOs, CTOs, VPs, etc.
  • Public Figure: A celebrity, spokesperson, or endorser of a company, like The Weeknd for H&M, 50 Cent for Vitamin Water, Anthony Bourdain for Balvenie scotch, or LeBron James for Nike.
  • On-brand Messaging: A collection of all wording that fits the company’s ideal brand image, like “fuel-efficient”, “long-range”, “sustainable”, and “safe” for Tesla. Save these all together as an OR statement.
  • SEO Keyword: A word or phrase you want to rank highly on within a search engine. Save these each as unique searches.
  • Target Publications: A list of the top publications you want to track or be featured in.
  • Blacklisted Publications: A list of publications you never want to see coverage from...never ever.
  • Custom: A search that does not meet any of the categories above.