Working With Campaigns

Working with Campaigns

Campaigns allow you to view related searches, media mentions, metrics, reports created, newsletters sent and related media lists in Connect in one place, allowing you to view the overall performance of your outreach efforts. Haven't created a campaign yet? Click here to learn how!

To View your Existing Campaigns:

1. Click on the Campaigns tab at the top of the screen and select the My Campaigns option.

2. The default view will display your existing campaigns in a tile format.

3. Click on the List View button to view your existing campaigns as a list.

 Searching and Filtering Existing Campaigns

1. Use the Search bar at the top of the campaign page to search for an existing campaign by Campaign Name or Campaign Type.

2. Page through existing campaigns using the arrows to the right of the search bar. There are 50 campaigns displayed on each page.

3. Apply Sorting options to display specific campaigns in ascending or descending order.

When using the Sort by option, you can sort by the following:
Last Modified: Sorts campaigns based upon the last modification date. The default will display campaigns in Descending order, with the most-recently modified campaigns at the top.

Title - Sorts campaigns alphabetically by Campaign Title

Owner - Sorts campaigns by owner's last name. If a campaign owner does not have a last name listed, those campaigns will be displayed at the top when sorted in Ascending order and and the end of the list with sorting in Descending order.

Share Setting - Sorts campaigns by the share setting applied by the owner of the campaign. Private campaigns will be displayed at the top when sorted in Ascending order and Shared campaigns will be displayed at the top when Descending order is applied.

Category - Sorts campaigns alphabetically based upon the category applied to the campaign, such as: Awareness, Branding, Community Relations, Industry Report, Product Launch or Research.

4. Click on the Filters option dropdown to open filters you may apply to the displayed campaigns, such as Owner, Share Setting, Category and Last Modified date.

5. Click on the pill for the Filter you wish to apply to your results. Click on the X for the selected pill if you wish to remove that Filter.

6. Click on the Clear All link to remove all filters you've applied.

Filters Available for Selection:

Owner: Filters results by selected Owner(s), then click on the Apply Filter button. To select the campaigns that you've created, check the box for the option that is displayed as "your name (You)".
Share Setting: Select the radio button to filter results by either the Private or Shared share setting, then click on the Apply Filter button

Private are the campaigns you created and you have not shared with your team, while Shared are the campaigns either you created and shared with your team, or created by your team and shared with you.
Category: Check the box(es) for the campaign Category or Categories you would like displayed in your results, then click on the Apply Filter button.
Last Modified: Select the radio button for a particular period of time to see the campaigns that were modified during that time period. Select the Custom option to choose specific Start and End dates, then click on the Apply Filter button.

Campaign Overview Page

Once you have narrowed down your existing Campaigns using the search, sorting and/or filtering options, click on the Campaign you wish to view. You will be led to the Campaign Overview Page. The Campaign Overview Page provides a high-level look at the trending coverage of your Campaign, as well as collecting the assets associated with the Campaign.

The metrics are trending stats for the primary campaign search you identified when creating the campaign.

Under the trending stats you'll see the most recent coverage for the primary search of that campaign. You can filter and sort that coverage by date, media type, Article Impact score, readership, social shares, and SEO Impact.

Emails in Campaigns 

  1. The 'Emails' tab in Campaigns mirrors the 'Message Center' and will have a 'Campaigns' filter locked on the currently viewed campaign. 
  2. Emails can be composed in this area using the 'Compose Email Announcement' tab.
  3. Personalized Pitches and Emails can be added or removed to the current Campaign using the megaphone icon.