Building Simple Earned Searches

Building a Monitoring Search:

The section below will describe how you can create a new Simple Monitoring Search. Before creating a Search, we recommend referencing our reference guides for things to consider when identifying and compiling your monitoring search terms:

Finding The Search Listing Page:

Users can find the Search Listing page in the Coverage tab of the navigation menu. 

1. Click on the Coverage tab.

2. Select Saved Searches.

3. In the upper-right-hand corner, select New Search > Simple Earned Search.

Searches are built on the Simple Earned Search page, using a feature called the Must/Might/Not Builder

1. First, enter a Name for your Search.

2. Fill in key terms and phrases in the Must/Might/Not Builder.

The Must/Might/Not Builder consists of 3 sections:   

A. MUST – AND String terms/phrases. Type in all words/phrases that must all appear at least once in each article/clip. 

  • The MUST Box is a required field that must have at least one 4 letter word to be valid & saved. 

B. AND* ANY (MIGHT) – OR String terms/phrases. Enter words/phrases, in which one must appear at least once in each article/clip

  • Note: The MUST & MIGHT Boxes are joined together by an AND string (see AND ANY of these terms” text within the Might Box).

C. NOT – NOT String terms/phrases. Enter words/phrases that you do not want to appear in any of the articles/clips.

Simply enter the words and phrases of your search, and press Enter. Your search term/phrase will then be turned into a colored pill. Inclusive pills (included in the search) will be green and Exclusive pills (excluded from the search) will be red

After creating your search, click on the Preview Results button.

Best Practices

The Must/Might/Not Builder will:

  • Automatically put quotes around words/phrases once user hits “Enter”, turning them into a pill within the Builder 
  • Automatically insert the AND/OR/NOT operators within each pill, depending on which part of the Builder the terms/phrases are added to.  
  • The Must Box will create an AND String 
  • The Might Box will create an OR String 
  • The NOT Box will create an OR String 
  • The Must & Might Boxes are joined together by an AND String 
  • Create a phrase out of a set of words included in one pill separated by user hitting ‘Enter’ on their keyboard. 

For example:  

  • LA Lakers ENTER Lebron James ENTER would create two pills: LA Lakers AND Lebron James 
  • LA Lakers Lebron James ENTER would create one pill: LA Lakers Lebron James 

The Must/Might/Not Builder will NOT:

  • Automatically include or pull in the possessive & plural forms of terms 
  • Automatically include or pull in variants of a term. Example: “phone” & “iphone” would both need to be included in the search to pull in both types of mentions. 
  • Automatically save 
  • Automatically include the Master Exclusive filter in the NOT String