Building a Story Kit

Using Cision's Story Kit is a way for PR pros like you to deliver the information a journalist needs to write a story and to gauge journalist interest with engagement metrics and one-click journalist feedback. Story Kit gives journalists all the facts, stats and assets (images, PDFs, video, quotes, info) they need in an easy to digest format, making you the enabler of the story, rather than a gatekeeper!

To Begin Building Your Story Kit:

1. Click on the Campaigns tab.

2. Select Stories.

3. Click on the Create Story Kit button.

Add a Title, Hero Image, and Logo:

4. Enter in a Title for your Story Kit to locate it in the platform.

5. Add an horizontal image with a maximum width of 1440px wide that represents your story as your Hero Image.

6. Upload your Company Logo.

Start Filling Out Additional Information:

7. Add a Title of the Story that journalists could use if they pick up your Story.

8. Add a Summary that should be easily scanned with bulleted key facts, stats, and themes of your story, not an already composed story (or press release). Use selective bolding to draw the eye to the most important text.

9. Add a Company Background as well (this will be similar to what appears in a press release)

10. Enter the contact information for whoever you’d like to be contacted by journalists looking to write your Story. This is most likely the person building the Story Kit. Name, Organization, and Phone Number are required.

11. Add Preferred Story Backlinks to provide the exact URL and preferred anchor text (for SEO) to be used in your Story. 

12. Add Videos by URL (Vimeo or YouTube). Videos can provide journalists with additional context to your Story. 

13. Create visual, beautifully formatted Spokespeople easily, by filling in their avatar, name, title, short bio, Twitter and LinkedIn handles, and approved quotes.

Upload Downloadable Assets:

14. Click on the Downloadable Assets tab to include any assets like high res images and PDFs that you’d like the journalist to use in your Story. Provide product photographyheadshotslogoscase studieswhite papersinfographics...any assets that will help tell your story.

  • Formats: PNG, JPG, BMP, PDF, SVG
  • File size limit is 10MB per file.

Select the Journalists to Receive your Story Kit:

  1. Go to the Contacts tab in your Story Kit.
  2. Click the Add Contacts button.
  3. Select the Recipients you would like to add from your Contact Lists or Find Contacts to add.
  4. Click the Add button.
5. Click on the Add Contacts button to add more recipients of your Story Kit.
NOTE: A unique URL will be generated for each contact added after you publish your Story Kit!

Add Key Messages and Topics:

Click into the Key Messages and Topics tab in your Story Kit and type in any Key Messages or Topics Related to your Story.

What are they used for? 

Key Messages and Topics power two different things in your Story Kit: 

  • After sending out your Story Kit, articles shown in the the Performance tab, Coverage section will be articles written about one of your key messages and topics are written by one of the Contacts in your Contacts tab.
  • Story Kit Insights are powered by your Key Messages and Topics.