Apply Tags to Cision Social Listening Searches

You can highlight, flag, and categorize the mentions you want to take action on by adding tags to them within a Saved Search.

Tags are used to manage and organize mentions. Once a search has been saved, selecting the “Manage Tags” icon allows you to create, rename, delete, or filter by Tags.

To Add a Tag to an Individual Mention:

1. Click on the Social Listening tab.

2. Select Saved Searches to view the list of searches saved by your organization.

3. Select a saved search.

4. Locate the mention in the Mentions Panel on the right side of the screen.

5. Click on the Add Tag link.

6. Search through the Saved Tags and select one or more tags to apply to the mention.

7. If you would like to create a new tag, click on Create New Tag to add a new one. 

8. To remove a tag, click on the X in the tag bubble you would like removed.