Analytics and Reports

Access a comprehensive view of your brand in the news using the Coverage, Dashboards, and Analytics areas of your Next Generation Cision Communications Cloud. To become familiar with Metric Definitions and their corresponding chart widgets, we recommend starting with the Metric Definitions and Explanations section, or learn more about available Dashboards in the Analyze News with New Dashboards section.

Analyze News with Dashboards

Dashboards features a variety of ways for you to visualize news coverage along with a flexible layout, mobile-friendly view, and additional analytics capabilities.

Earned Media Impact Measurement

The next generation Cision Communications Cloud Impact feature empowers communicators to measure the impact Earned Media content by better understanding who this content reaches and how it influences buyer behavior. Cision Impact empowers your brand to accurately measure PR’s impact on revenue, validate the reach of your content, leverage engagement data on how, when, and where content is viewed, and arrive at true ROI metrics by adding conversion data to reporting, such as on-site purchases or leads generated.