Adding Private Contacts with Connect

Adding Private Contacts

Private Contacts are contact records/profiles added by users (like you!).  The Cision Media Research team manages all of our public media records which are available to all of our clients.  In contrast, Private Contacts will only be viewable in the account in which they were created.  Additionally, the Cision Media Research team will not manage any Private Contacts.  In other words, you will be responsible for managing your Private Contacts' information.

To add a Private Contact:

1. Navigate to the Contacts tab.

2. Select Lists.
3. On the left hand side of the screen, select Private Contacts. This will contain a list of all Private Contacts that have been added to your account.
4. Click on the Create New button on the upper right of the screen and select Private Contact.
5. Complete the fields in the information form that pops up along the right hand side of the screen.  You are required to fill out the fields for first and last name, and at least one piece of contact information.  You can fill out any additional relevant information you would like saved.

6. Once all information is filled out for the new contact, click the Add Contact button.

***NOTE: In order to help users avoid adding private influencers that are available in the public database with a much more robust profile, we run database checks at several points during form completion and alert you when we think we may have found the person you are attempting to add. You can access those results through a banner at the top of the form. If you see the person you were attempting to add, you can view that person’s public profile and add that profile to any lists you choose.