Adding, Deleting and Searching Private Contacts

Adding, Deleting and Searching Private Contacts 

If you are unable to locate a particular Media Contact in the Cision Communications Cloud, you can add that person as a Private Contact to your view of the Cision Database. Private Contacts are then available for your Cision users within your organization to add to their Media Lists. If you are Cision Communications Cloud is divided into different work spaces or data groups, added Private Contacts are available for all work spaces or data groups, within an organization.

Adding a Private Contact

  1. Click on the Search Media Contacts option on the Influencers tab of the Next Generation Cision Communications Cloud.  This will open the Cision Media Database platform.
  2. Select the Add New button from the Influencers tab of the Cision Media Database platform.

  1. Be sure that New Contact is highlighted
  2. Enter the record information
  3. Enter any other additional information you would like on to appear on the Contact profile

NOTE: The two required fields are Contact Last Name and Country. If you would like to use the Formal Name merge field option in our email distributions, fill out Prefix and Suffix.


Once you have added the desired criteria, click SAVE.

IMPORTANT: On the client end, this is the only way to add private contacts to the Cision Communications Cloud.  For more information on pricing for uploading a spreadsheet of media contacts, please reach out to your Account Manager directly.  

Deleting a Private Contact

You can delete a Private Contact from their Media Contact Record.  In order to access the record, you will need first need to find the contact.

  1. Click the Influencers tab and select the Search page from the drop-down.
  2. Select the Contact Name field.
  3. Type the name of the Private Contact in the in the search box.  As you type, the system will present you with matches from the database.
  4. Click Search.

Find Private Contact1

The Media Contact Record for the Private Contact will display. A Private Contact’s record will always have a Private Contact purple banner in the upper left hand corner.

To delete the Private Contact,

  1. Click the Three Ellipses button in the left panel of the Media Contact Record.
  2. Click the Delete Contact option.

Delete Private Contact

Click Confirm on the Delete Contact menu that appear to fully remove the Private Contact from the database.

Delete Contact

Searching Private Media Contacts

If you would like to run a search to locate all or some of the Private Media contacts you have added to the system. Head to the Influencer drop down and click Search

Influencer dropdwon

From the Media Contacts drop down, select on the Record Type and choose Private. This will run a search for any Private Contacts in your system. You can use the blue Plus sign to add any additional criteria you would like to your search.


Once you click Search, you will see a list of contacts that match that criteria.

private list

If you prefer to view results in a column view, you can select the hamburger menu located on the right hand side of your screen and look for the Record Type column.  The Key icon in that column will indicate that it is Private.