Adding and Editing Analytics Widgets

As your analysis and related reporting needs change and grow, you can add Analytics Charts to your dashboards. The article below will describe how to add Analytics Charts. 

Adding and Editing Analytics Charts

To add an Analytics chart in a Dashboard:

  1. Click the + Add Widget button that can be found in the upper-right corner of every dashboard.

2. Select the chart you want to add from the Widget Type drop down menu. To learn about the metrics for each widget type, click here!

3. Select the search you would like used for this widget.

  • Follow any additional prompts to customize your widget.

4. Click the Add Widget button to confirm your choices and add the new chart to the bottom of the dashboard.

  • Note: You will find the newly added chart(s) at the bottom of the dashboard. Repeat this process to add more charts if desired.

To Edit an Existing Widget:

  1. Click on the Ellipses button in the upper-right corner of the widget you want to edit and select the editing option from:
  2. Edit Widget
  3. Replace with new Simple Search
  4. Replace with new Advanced Search
  5. Edit Existing Search
  6. Export as Image
  7. Duplicate
  8. Delete

2. Click on Edit Widget to update the Widget Name, Metric(s), Search Used, Date Range and/or Chart Type.

4. Click on the Replace with a new Advanced Search link to change the current widget search to a newly built Advanced Search.
5. Select Edit Existing Search to keep the current search, but make updates to the boolean syntax or Simple Earned Search fields.
6. Select Export as Image to receive a downloaded capture of the selected widget within your dashboard.
7. Select Duplicate to add the same widget to the current dashboard or add it to another dashboard.
8. Select Delete to remove the widget from your dashboard.