Adding Custom Widgets

Custom Widgets in Dashboards

You can easily add Pre-built or Custom Widgets for your New Dashboards display.

To Create New Chart Widgets:

1. To begin adding chart widgets to your New Dashboards, you will need to open the Dashboard by clicking on its name.

2. Click on the + Add Widget button.

3. When the chart options appear, you can select to add either pre-built chart widgets or scroll down to select a Custom widget (blank chart). 

4. When selecting a pre-built chart widget, you will also need to select the Keyword Search that the chart should use.  

5. You may scroll through the searches; sort by All Searches, My Searches or Shared with Me; or type in the name of a search in the Find a Search area.

6. Click on Add Widget and the chart will be added to the Dashboard.

The Custom Widget gives you the opportunity to create your own chart.

  • When you select the blank option, you will be able to customize the chart type and metrics in new ways, beyond what is available in the current Dashboards. including the following:
    1. Name the chart using the title that will best describes the chart you are creating.
    2. Choose up to 2 Metrics you want to use to create the chart.
      • Earned Media Mentions: How many times your search terms were mentioned in the news
      • Total Readership: Potential audience of your earned content online, including mobile and desktop readership
      • Mobile Readership: Potential audience of your earned media content online who viewed it on mobile devices
      • Desktop Readership: Potential audience of your earned media content online who viewed it on non-mobile devices
      • Total Sessions: Site session traffic from article backlinks (Note: You must have analytics integrated with the platform, such as Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics).
      • Tag: Articles you choose to showcase using a selected tag
      • Verified Views: How much actual engagement your earned content received
      • Verified Daily Unique Viewers: The number of verified daily readers that engaged with your earned coverage
      • Total Conversions: What earned media is driving direct results for your business over time
      • Top Viewed Journalists: Which journalists are driving the most verified engagement with your search audience
    3. Select the Keyword Search(es) that should be used to provide data to the chart. You can select up to 25.
    4. Specify the Date Range of news articles/mentions to be included.
    5. Select the Chart Type you want to use to display the data. 
    6. Click Add Widget once you have selected all of the new chart's attributes.

Note: Dashboards is supported on cell phones and portrait-tablet size screens as well as on laptop and landscape-tablet screens.

  • When Dashboards widgets are viewed on a laptop or landscape-tablet screen, the display will be 3 widget columns wide. 
  • When using a cell phone or portrait-tablet screen, Dashboards will display 2 widget columns.