Accessing Your Reports

To Access All Reports:

  1. Click on the Analytics tab.
  2. Select New Reports.
  3. Use the filters on the left side to view:
    • All Reports: Access all reports you have created.
    • Starred Reports: Access the reports you have starred as favorites.
    • Archived Reports: Access reports that have been archived by you or other members from your organization.
    • Legacy Reports: Access all reports that had been previously created by you or your colleagues using Old Reports.
  4. Access your 5 most recently viewed reports in the Recently Viewed Section.
  5. Use the Search function to find a report by name.
  6. Click on the Ellipses button to:
    • Add the report to an existing Campaign.
    • Duplicate the report.
    • Archive the report.
  7. Click on the Star to add or remove the report from your Starred Favorites reports. NOTE: When the start is solid, the report is starred as a favorite.
  8. Select multiple reports to Star, Unstar or Archive reports in bulk.
  9. Click on the report link to share the report with others.