Access and Share Story Kits

Accessing and Sharing Story Kits

After you and your colleagues have created a Story Kit, you will be able to access them in the Stories tab of the platform. You'll see options to duplicate the story, delete the story, add it to a campaign and share the story with your colleagues.

Accessing Story Kits

1. Click on the Campaigns tab.

2. Select the Stories option.

Mangaging and Sharing Story Kits

3. Search for a Story Kit using the search bar at the top of the screen.

4. Use the drop down in the upper-right to sort the Story Kits using the following options:

  • Ascending/Descending - Choose whether you would like the sorted results in ascending or descending order.
  • Title - Sorts based upon the Title of the Story Kit.
  • Last Modified - Sorts based upon when the Story Kit was last modified.

5. Click on the Ellipses button for a specific Story Kit to perform the following actions:

  •  Delete Story - Removes the Story Kit from the platform.
  • Duplicate Story - Create a duplicate of the Story Kit to edit for another pitch.
  • Add to Campaign - Add the Story Kit to an existing campaign for further outreach and organization.
  • Share Settings - Choose whether to share the Story Kit with your colleagues or keep it private so they are unable to see it. 
    • You can select from the following: 
      • Private - Only you can see, edit or delete the Story Kit.
      • View Only Access - Your colleagues can view the Story Kit, but cannot edit or delete it.
      • Full Access - Gives your colleagues the ability to edit and delete your Story Kit.

6. Check the box in the upper-right of a Story Kit(s) to delete or duplicate one or more Story Kit at a time.